just a dude with messy hair. (Picture by Dirk Möllerl)

just a dude with messy hair. (Picture by Dirk Möllerl)


Hey there. My name is Maximilian Möller. I’m a Hamburg based self-taught photographer with a weakness for portraits.

My passion for photography was sparked in early 2017 when I picked up my dad’s trusty old DSLR. Since getting my first own camera in summer 2017, I couldn’t stop taking pictures and soon found out that my personal strength appeared to be portraits.

I’m not just fascinated by pictures and the art and craft behind them, but also by the technology and history. I collect old film cameras and love to use them for shoots as addition to my main camera.

If one would ask me about my influences, I’d say that most of my style is credited to my personality and my experiences, but also to music. Composing has been a hobby of mine for quite a while now, even earning me a credit on IMDb. Still, I admire the art of photographers like Ragnar Axelsson, Michel d’Oultremont, Fan Ho, Peter McKinnon and cinematographer Roger Deakins, with their styles and teachings having an impact on my work.